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Tagliatelle with cream, mushrooms and truffle pasta

We return to the load with the pasta in a vegetarian recipe format

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We return to the load with the pasta in a vegetarian recipe format. This time we throw fresh pasta with a juicy and powerful sauce: tagliatelle with cream, mushrooms and truffle pasta .

Reading the full recipe will take less than 3 minutes

You prepare it from scratch in 20 minutes

This recipe is vegetarian and contains gluten and lactose

Our idea

We had been thinking about buying truffle paste for a long time and in the end we never seriously went for it. The last time we went to a gourmet area in El Corte Inglés we remembered and brought it with us.

What is it, how much does it cost and where to buy black truffle / tartufo paste?

The paste black truffle is in the market with the name Pate tartufo nero to . It is a paste made from different types of mushrooms (mushrooms and boletus) and a percentage of black truffle (generally summer truffle).
The price of a pot of about 90gr is around € 14 and it goes a long way. We have bought it in the gourmet area of ​​El Corte Inglés in Callao, but surely they have it in any of them. In the end, to get an idea of ​​the flavor and power that you are going to find in the container, look at the percentage of truffle it contains and if the truffle is summer or winter (much better the latter, although difficult to find).

For this recipe for vegetarian pasta you don’t have to get too complicated. The most “complex” concept is that in the end you have a juicy sauce.
If you want to make the pasta at home, these are the measures: for every 100gr of flour, a medium egg, a pinch of salt and another pinch of oil. You form a volcano with the flour, add the other ingredients and mix until you form a uniform ball. Rest the dough covered for 30 minutes and then stretch well on flour and cut to taste. It is reserved drying until use.

spring tagliatelle
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Ingredients for 2-3 people

250gr of fresh tagliatelle
1/2 onion
2 cloves of garlic
150gr of mushrooms
10-12 cherry tomatoes (optional)
200ml of liquid cream
1cs of black truffle paté
Salt, pepper, oil and chives to decorate

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Preparation of tagliatelle with cream, mushrooms and truffle paste

1. Finely chop the onion and garlic cloves. We fillet the mushrooms and cut the cherry tomatoes in half.

2. In a frying pan with oil, lightly fry the onion and garlic. When they start to become transparent, add the mushrooms and cook for a couple of minutes. Finally, we add the cherrys, season everything and cook for two more minutes.

3. In a pot with plenty of boiling water and salt, add the fresh pasta and cook for the time indicated on the package. If it is homemade, a minute or minute and a half will be enough.

4. While we cook the pasta, add the liquid cream to the pan and salt and pepper, let it thicken a little and add theblack truffle pate . We wait for the pasta.

5. We drain the pasta and add it together with a saucepan of cooking water to the pan with the sauce. Cook, mixing well for a minute.

6. With the well-blended sauce, remove the pan from the heat, recitify the salt and pepper and finish with a jet of oil and a little chopped chives.


The vegetarian tagliatelle recipe with cream, mushrooms and truffle pasta will get you out of the routine at once. Very easy recipe that you can adapt to your favorite mushrooms.
Be careful with the amounts of black truffle pate that you add because it is quite invasive. Better that you go testing until it is to your liking.
As we always tell you, let us back off adding the pasta cooking water to the sauce. Remember that the pasta releases part of the starch in the cooking water, if we add part of this water to the sauce it will integrate and bind better.

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Written by Sara Gómez


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