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Homemade egg pasta with garlic and tomato

Pasta with energy, simple and with ingredients to be at home

Tagliatelle pic
Credits: Sainsburry's

Pasta with energy, simple and with ingredients to be at home: homemade egg pasta with garlic and tomato .

You read the full recipe in 3 minutes

With the fresh pasta it takes 10 minutes to make the recipe

This recipe does NOT contain lactose and is vegetarian.


Our idea

You can start from the fresh pasta that they already sell in any store or choose to make it at home like us. It takes some work but you can do more and freeze , it’s worth it.
In our recipe for homemade egg pasta with garlic and tomato we use products that you will surely have at home. The final finish is different from the typical and traditional grated cheese. We have a recipe on the blog for tagliatelle with garlic bacontomato and fresh  that is similar to this but in which we use purchased pasta.

Pasta with energy

How to make easy homemade egg pasta?

The format of being at home is made with normal wheat flour (the one sold in any supermarket), if you have access to use durum wheat semolina.

The amounts are: for each 120gr of flour, 1 small free-range egg, 1cc of virgin olive oil, 1cc of water and a pinch of salt. In the end we do it carefully, feeling if the dough needs more flour or liquids.
To make the initial fresh pasta dough , we form a volcano with the flour and add the eggs, oil, water and salt in the center. Mix well until you get a ball that does not stick to your hands (5 minutes of mixing and kneading).

Let the dough rest for 30 minutes. We divide it into equal parts, knead lightly with a little flour and pass it through the machine several times until we get the right thickness. Once it has the thickness that we like the most (in our case 2/6) we pass it through the tagliatelle cutting accessory. If we do not have the accessory, we roll the dough carefully and cut it with a knife as if they were slices. It will remain the same in the end.
We reserve the homemade egg pasta with a little flour. At this point you can freeze it.

Ingredients for 2 people

200gr of homemade egg pasta (fresh tagliatelle)
peeled garlic cloves
ripe tomato in cubes / concasse
50gr of grated cured cheese
4cs of homemade breadcrumbs
2cs of chopped hazelnuts
1cs of chopped dried tomato
Salt, pepper and oil

Tagliatelle pic
Credits: Sainsburry’s

Homemade egg pasta with garlic and tomato

1. Finely chop the garlic and tomatoes.
2. In a frying pan with a pinch of oil over medium heat add the breadcrumbs, hazelnuts and dried tomato . Cook until it begins to brown slightly and reserve.
3. With the same frying pan with a little oil, brown the garlic and chilli . Next we add the diced tomato and season.
4. At the same time in a pot with boiling water and salt, cook the pasta for 1 minute (if it is frozen, a minute and a half).
5. Add the fresh homemade pasta with 1 saucepan of the cooking water to our frying pan with garlic, chilli and tomato.
6. Add the grated cheese to the pasta, add salt and pepper and add a generous jet of EVOO. We finished assembling the plate with the pasta and sprinkling our mixture of breadcrumbs, hazelnuts and dried tomato .


Our recipe for homemade egg pasta with garlic and tomato is a healthy and energetic dish. Here is another recipe that we made with somewhat different but simple tagliatelles : tagliatelle with cream, mushrooms and truffle pasta.

Vegetarian recipe with simple ingredients and familiar flavors. The breadcrumbs, the hazelnut and the dried tomato give it a crisp point and a very interesting flavor.

This recipe for noodles with beef tail, mushrooms and Iberian bacon, ideas for cooking, ideas for eating daily, simple recipes, cheap recipes and much more in Siempre Saludable .

What do you think?

Written by Sara Gómez


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